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Authorized Installer for the EcofloŽ ST-650 Biofilter
fully integrated onsite wastewater management system

Ecoflo OntarioIf you own or are looking to purchase property not serviced by a sewer system or need to replace an existing septic system, the EcofloŽ ST-650 Biofilter is just what you need. Suitable for all types of property, this fully integrated onsite wastewater management system consists of a small fiberglass shell with a filter bed made from specially treated sphagnum peat moss.

EcofloŽ Biofilter

EcofloŽ Biofilter

The operating principle is very simple:

Wastewater from a septic tank flows into the shell and is dispersed over the surface of the filter bed by a gravity-based distribution system. The wastewater is treated by percolating through the peat-based filter bed and is then discharged by infiltration into the ground.

The EcofloŽ Biofilter St-650 is authorized for use in Ontario for the treatment of wastewater under the Ontario Building Code. Please see the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing web site for a copy of our authorization. http://obc.mah.gov.on.ca/rulings/bmec/Bmec-235.htm

The EcofloŽ Biofilter is a simple and permanent solution which has several advantages over traditional wastewater treatment systems:

  • Very Compact

  • Quick installation by an authorized installer

  • Great landscaping flexibility

  • No electrical components

  • Superior, long lasting treatment performance

  • Groundwater protection

  • Warranty, servicing and after sales service included

  • Adds value to any property

Comparison to Conventional Septic Systems

Compared with conventional septic systems, which treat wastewater through soil absorption, the EcofloŽ Biofilter uses a high-performance filtering medium that retains its purifying capacities over time. Far less space is required for an EcofloŽ Biofilter, thereby enabling optimum use of your property.

Conventional Septic System

The system is also a permanent solution. Unlike conventional septic systems which have to be relocated and completely rebuilt after a certain number of years, the EcofloŽ Biofilter only has to have its peat-based filter bed replaced. All this entails is the removing of the lid on the fiberglass shell and pumping the filter bed - this eliminates the needs for excavation.

Multiple Applications

The EcofloŽ Biofilter St-650 is designed for single dwellings with one to four bedrooms. Five and six bedroom homes require two Biofilters.

For collective systems (housing developments), commercial (restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels, campgrounds, etc.) and institutional (schools, retirement homes, museums, etc.) applications, cluster installations are possible.

Installation Flexibility

The installation site is dictated by local regulatory standards governing distances for on-site wastewater treatment systems. The size of the disposal field depends on the number of bedrooms in the home and the soil permeability, while the depth of installation depends on the type of soil and the groundwater level. Together these factors determine the type of installation possible - from completely buried to completely aboveground.

Performance of the EcofloŽ Biofilter

The treatment efficiency of the EcofloŽ Biofilter has been proven - the peat-based filter bed breaks down 90% of suspended solids, reduced biochemical oxygen demand by 95% and removes 99% of fecal coliforms.

Average concentration of the Biofilter is as follows:

Parameter EcofloŽ Biofilter ST-650
BOD5 (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) #10 mg/ L
TSS (Suspended Solids) #10 mg/ L
Fecal coliform #25 000 UFC/100 mL

Note: Performance claims have been verified by the Environmental Technology Verification program.

For more information about the Biofilter ST-650 and other products available
please visit the Ecoflo Ontario Website at www.ecofloontario.com

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